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    An Auxiliary Production Line In Hunan Province Is Being Installed And Tested!


    Lei Meng staff sent a message from the scene in Hunan, an assembly line is being installed and commissioned, the production line of a full set of equipment manufactured by Lei Meng Machinery, all work is progressing smoothly.

    1 Production Line Overview

    Project Name: Construction Aggregate Production Line

    Equipment Manufacturer: Sichuan Lei Meng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

    2 Project Introduction

    The production line has a large production and processing capacity, a small footprint, and superior product quality. After the completion of the production line will produce a large number of high-quality building aggregates.

    3. Project equipment details

    Device Configuration:

    Three ZW1218 feeders, one ZW1017 feeder, one HPY300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, one LM9000 impact breaker, two 3YKJ2270 vibrating screens, two 3YKJ3070 vibrating screens, LSX1580 spiral sand washer, LMTX2445 Sand recycling machine

    The production line is equipped with a HPY300 multi-cylinder hydraulic conical machine and a LM9000 impact crusher, which has high crushing efficiency, high automation, good product size, and low production and maintenance costs.  

    HPY300 Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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